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PepsiCo has a unique and admirable culture, a community of talented people guided by shared principles. We are committed to providing our people with a supportive and empowering workplace.

Talent sustainability is about continually working to develop and retain exceptional people. We are committed to investing in our employees to help them succeed. We develop the skills needed to drive the company’s growth, while creating employment opportunities in the communities we serve.

Our Goals and Commitments

  • Ensure high levels of employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Ensure a safe workplace by continuing to reduce injury rates, while striving to improve other occupational health and safety metrics through best practices.
  • Foster diversity and inclusion
  • Encourage our employees to lead healthier lives by offering workplace wellness programs.
  • Support ethical and legal compliance through annual training in our Code of Conduct, which outlines PepsiCo’s unwavering commitment to its human rights policy, including treating every employee with dignity and respect.